A tailored plan of action designed to empower teens to stay on
a positive track- focused on academics and social emotional learning.

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Persistance. How well are you or your child prepared withstand setbacks and persevere? Like a house, we need maintenance so we can weather life’s storms. Resiliency is a key determinate of success and requires a certain mindset that stems from skills, resources, experience, and self-motivation.

If you or your child are looking for ways to strengthen character and resiliency, KLS’s 8-week maintenance program will reinforce constructive behaviors and learned skills and illuminate the positive path forward in life.

A tailored, individual plan of action is designed to empower teens to stay on a positive track, with a focus on academic achievement and social emotional learning, including:

  • Community Service Linkages
  • Character Education Lessons
  • Mandated Court Plans Assistance
  • Choice Training
  • AB 216 Guidance
  • Elements of School Success
  • Positive Behavior Skills

For pre-teens and teens, parents play an integral role, partnering in planning and implementation throughout the maintenance program.

Weekly maintenance sessions can be scheduled at your convenience and KLS will meet with you in person, by phone, instant messaging, or video conference.

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