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Collectively investing in the children for a better tomorrow.

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At KLS, we believe that when youth and young adults can harness the power of
self-motivation, they step onto a path towards fulfillment and success.

To build the resiliency necessary for a lifetime of achievement, teens and young adults need community: parents, educators,
and neighbors who will reinforce the foundation from which they will build their lives.


No one is an island. If you ask successful people whether they did it alone, most will give thanks to at least one person in their life whose shoulders on which they stand. If you are ready to help lift a young person so they can see what is possible, KLS works with several teens and young adults who could benefit from your life experience. Contact KLS to learn more about ways you can get involved.

For Parents

Are you a member of a community group with parents? Or, does your business employ parents? Stress related to parenting a teen experiencing challenging behavior can negatively impact the parent’s wellbeing and can feel isolating.

KLS offers workshops for community groups and employers at the location of your choice to learn about strategies, interventions, and resources available to get everyone back on a positive track.

For Schools

KLS is proud to partner with schools to offer professional development for educators and student support within the school. Recognizing that schools are often under-resourced for social-emotional student support, KLS can provide a much need connection between teachers, students, and parents to foster healthy, productive relationships and create an environment for success. With healthy minds comes healthy schools. Contact KLS to discuss your school’s needs.

For Corporations

KLS is proud to offer opportunities for corporations to engage in the development of our next generation of leaders. Is your business looking for a way to give back to the community? KLS has sponsorship opportunities to help youth access the service and supports they need to thrive.

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