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Who We Serve

At KLS, we believe that when youth and young adults can harness the power of
self-motivation, they step onto a path towards fulfillment and success. To build the resiliency necessary for a lifetime of achievement, teens and young adults need community: parents, educators, and neighbors who will reinforce the foundation from which they will build their lives. With this in mind, KLS has designed programs and services for youth and their entire community of support.

Curated prevention strategies that help cease bad habits and negative behaviors.  We assess children to uncover the appropriate motivations that will provoke positive change.

A tailored plan of action co-designed  by KLS and parents to help a child struggling with a specific issue improve their situation.

A tailored plan of action designed to empower teens to stay on a positive track- focused on academics and social emotional learning.

A tailored plan of action co-designed  by KLS and parents to help a child struggling severely with a specific issue improve their situation. 

A variety of enrichment  and personal development courses that parents can choose to develop a custom plan for their children.

This program is designed to work with students to help them reach their full potential in school.

This program is designed to help students create and maintain a positive track record while in school.

This program is designed to help students develop social-emotional intelligence.

This program gives students a chance to develop self-awareness and reflection as a tool to examine their everyday decisions. Students learn how to make positive choices moving forward.

This program is designed for building and maintaining positive relationships.

This program is designed to provide a basic overview of college and career life.

Are you looking for opportunities during the summer for you or your child to build character and discover
the power of self-motivation? KLS’s Summer Academy is accepting registrations. Payment for the Summer sessions is due by Aug 2019.

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Fall and Summer Volunteers Needed

Looking for a volunteer opportunity that builds your leadership skills and character?
Opportunities are available this Summer and Fall. Contact KLS today to learn more.

Common Client Profiles

Client #1
Parents with teens who:
  • Have little to no motivation
  • Have little to no interest in school
  • Struggle to maintain relationships
  • Struggle in school but has a desire to do better
Client #2
Parents with teens who are:
  • Foster children, homeless, or bullied youth
  • In need of guidance, support, and resources
Client #3
Parents with teens who:
  • Have leadership qualities
  • Have an interest in the Peer Mentoring Program
  • Have an Interest in the Conflict Mediation Program

Clients walk away with a complete understanding of how their teens become positive & productive citizens.

What Our Clients Say

“Dr. Scott, I want to thank you for being like a Guardian Angel. I feel like you flew down from above to teach me lesson about life. When times get hard you pull me out of the dark.”

— E.P.

“Dr. Scott, I have so much to thank you for, one – your guidance and two – for you confidence in me. Your guidance has been wonderful, and I can’t begin to thank you enough. You are a wonderful lady. You are completely deserving of the title… “Worlds Greatest Counselor!”

— J.E.

“Dr. Scott, I consider you more than a counselor. To me you are like an Auntie. We are very close, and I love you so much. You were there for when I really needed you.”

— M.B.

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Disclaimer - Please Read!

While Dr. Scott is a trained and experienced Professional School Counselor, through her work with KLS, Dr. Scott provides life skills coaching services to students and consulting services to parents to achieve a positive outcome for the parent and child (ren). For a better understanding of the differences between counseling and coaching, see the FAQs.

Differences Between Life Coaching and Counseling

Life Coaching

   Views both parties as naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

More apt to view clients from a medical model.

Does not diagnose or treat.

Diagnoses and treats.

Trained to work with functioning clients.

Trained to work with major mental illness.

Works with clients that are able to form an alliance and have common goals.

Works with clients with entrenched problems.

Life Coach and clients on a peer basis.

Hierarchical difference between counselor and clients.

Alliance designed by coach and client together.

Treatment plan largely designed by counselor.

Focus on evolving and manifesting potential.

Focus on healing and understanding.

Emphasis on present and future.

Emphasis on past and present.

Action and being oriented.

Insight oriented.

Solution oriented.

Problem oriented.

Explore actions and behaviors that manifest high self-esteem.

Explore genesis of behaviors that create low self-esteem.

Regard and life coach negative self-beliefs as Saboteurs (temporary obstacles).

Analyze and treat origins and historical roots of negative self-beliefs.

Life Coach and client ask: “What’s next/what now?”

Counselor and client ask: “Why and from where?”

Works mainly with external issues.

Works mainly with internal issues.

Discourages transference as inappropriate.

Encourages transference as a counseling tool.

Accountability and “homework” between sessions held as important.

Accountability less commonly expected.

Contact between sessions for accountability and “wins” expected.

Contact between sessions for crisis and difficulties only.

Uses coaching skills.

Uses counseling techniques.

Similarities Between Life Coaching and Counseling

Life Coaching

Uses a “Discovery Session.”

Uses a Diagnostic Interview/History.

Uses skills similar to counseling.

Uses many techniques similar to life coaching skills.

Works with the client’s whole life.

Works with client’s whole life.

May work with emotional material.

Often works with emotional material.

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